Bulletproof VPS hosting is an online VPS server allow users to host and manage illegal content online with secured layer of protection.

DMCA ignored is a VPS Hosting service that has in their policy, and/or offer a package that will ignore most DMCA laws. These servers ignore all DMCA complaints and do not review them.

No, we don't request you to submit your personal data ever, you can do so optionally for invoicing purposes.

No, We never need customer identification information and the whole process of using our products is completely anonymous.

There are several reasons that make BPHosting a unique bulletproof VPS hosting provider due to Confidentiality, Privacy, Security, Daily Backup, Full root access, and much more.

All our offshore VPS is based on KVM virtualization and dedicated resources - dedicated CPU cores and zero overcommit/oversell of resources

VPS is installed in 2-5 minutes. The installation of a dedicated server depends on the location and configuration and can reach from 4 to 12 hours.

You can order a server in the following locations: Russia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong.

We do have DDoS protection against large attack directly at our backbone but the smaller one needs to be filtered on the server-side.

Yes of course . You can send unlimited emails by purchasing a offshore VPS. Port 25 is active on all of our services.

Yes, all versions of Windows can be installed on our servers.

Yes, you can install and implement TOR nodes.

Of course, upon request you can increase the necessary resources of your VPS. Changes will take effect within a few minutes.

Yes, we accept bitcoin as payment on all our servers and service. It is the most secure way right now for the digital payment interface.

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